Further Guidance

1. The Trustees are not as a general rule prepared to finance degree courses.

2.The Trustees do not consider applications for assistance in purchasing musical instruments or equipment including the electronic or computer variety.

3. The Trustees do not make grants retrospectively.

4. The Trustees do not reconsider applications that have previously been unsuccessful. 

5. The Trustees require from applicants full supporting information both with regard to the musical nature of the proposal, and with regard to the financial need which it creates. This must include:

(a) biographical details of artist and composer, or in the case of an organisation, details of activities to date;

(b) a video/audio link (or file) for the composer(s) in question;

(c) financial information including a detailed breakdown of estimated income as well as expenditure on the project in question;

(d) where relevant, date and location of proposed performances.

6. Applications from organisations or companies must state annual turnover.

7. Deadlines for receipt of applications are stated on the website. Decisions will be given within five weeks from the deadline.

8. The Trustees’ deliberations are confidential, and the reasons for their decisions cannot be disclosed.

9. Data Protection – Use of Details

If you have any queries regarding any personal information we hold about you, please address this to the secretary by e-mail at Hinrichsen.foundation@editionpeters.com .

In making your application, you agree that we can disclose your (or your organisation’s) name and any grant paid to you (or your organisation) in any publication (electronic or otherwise), including annual accounts.

If you do not agree to this disclosure, please inform us in writing at the time of making the application.